New low price – orders above 200 square feet only $0.79/sqft Brokers only

cheap banner printing in

How can we sale in such a low price printed vinyl banners

The answer is simple , we print a lot
1. Our factory has the ability to print more then 50,000 square feet a day
2. We purchase large amounts of material so we can have a very low cost
3. We have a super smooth production process which allow us to process huge amount of files in short time
4. We work 24/7 in order to optimize our delivery times and costs.

We are professionals, try us and discover you can have a stable quality, low price supplier.
With us you can have a satisfied client with a very nice profit margin .

What do we offer you

1. Stable supplier
2. The finishing are included in the price (hemmed, grommets, straight cut)
3. High production capacity
4. Extremely low price
5. Additional printing solutions we have like flatbed printing, latex printing (High Resolution printing)

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