Large banner printing is excellent way to create big impact and a great ROI on the investment, especially if you have an available space to install it without paying extra rent, if you compare it to digital advertisement which today is extremely expensive you can get many customers with low investment.

A large banner can be installed on a truck, building, billboard, fence it can be hanged between columns or any other location, depends on the location we can suggest the right material for you to use.

In direct banner we are specialized in large banner printing , we can print any size of large banner, we used 13 oz banner or mesh banner depand  on the application, in case of a larger banner above 10 feet wide we weld panels together depends on the size .

The largest banner we do in single piece is 10 feet wide, in case of larger banner printing we divide the image into panels and weld them together using a hot air welding machine .

in case you want to use the large banner printing against a solid super face for example a wall or billboard with solid panels We suggest to use a heavy 13 oz vinyl banner with 500×500 tread count with 9 dime .

In case you want to hang the large banner on a fence, building, hang it on the air between columns we suggest to use Mesh banner printing , the mesh banner is perforate banner with very small holes that permit a constant air flow and reduce significantly the pressure from the banner .

another big advantage of the mesh banner is the weight , the mesh banner is much lighter that the regular vinyl banner because of the perforate shape and still very strong to hold against wind , if the mesh banner is very large we recommend to add webbing in order to strength the connections between the panels and the around the banner .

an issue you have to take in account is that the mesh banner the colors are less intense then a regular vinyl banner especially if you dont put it against a wall , for this reason some of the customers prefer to use for a large banner regular vinyl banner and ask us to make a wind holes , taking in account that it will hold less then mesh banners.

please dont hesitate to contact us in order to consult the right material for your large banner printing.