• Behind us we have a 1o years experience in large format printing and billboard printing. 
  • We have printed more than 3000 billboards.
  • We have wrapped more than 500 buildings.

Billboard printing concepts

Every person is watching billboard printing advertisements no matter if they are walking or traveling by bus.

But, did you ever think about how long is your exposure to the billboard message?… Seconds, maybe less.

It is not likely that every person exposed to the sign will read the entire message.

In order to make the best of your billboard printing advertisement, You should make some adjustments and follow certain principles in order to make your billboard printing conversion rate higher and have a more effective and appropriate printing results.

On designing the graphics point of view you need to understand the basic guideline that the potential consumers viewing the billboard have a lot of information and short time watching the billboard so the basic idea is to design and highlight the product identification and message.

Billboard printing design guidelines

Basic guidelines to follow on the information point of view

1. Make a short message on your printing that attracts the client to buy your product.
2. Use a product/service name or image in a clear way that will be noticed easily.
3. The background of the printing should be clear and simple in order to keep the focus on the billboard message
4. The less info on the printing the better

Billboard printing first step

Before you start, your printed billboard campaign slogan should be carefully examined. There are many copyrighting companies that could help you choose your slogan message.

Use images that will immediately impact your potential consumers eyes. Keep in mind that a simple background is a very important issue.

Well, of course that the whole point of the billboard printing is the message otherwise why companies invest thousands of dollars on putting and printing this billboards if it wont have their estimated return on investment (ROI).

Big companies like beer factories or other big firms usually use the billboard printing for branding.